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Desktop as a Service

DaaS platform provides cloud-optimized desktops and applications through a secure, consistent portal for a seamless user experience. Whether you’re working from the office on your desktop computer, from home on your laptop, or on the go using a smartphone or tablet, you can stay connected to every tool you need to be productive.


Top Benefits of Leveraging Desktop as a Service - DaaS

Business Continuity

Your information is inherently more available than when it is stored at one physical site. With geo-redundancy, data is simultaneously backed up across multiple servers that are housed in different locations. Almost instantly, issues related to natural – and even man-made – disasters are a thing of the past.


Data is encrypted and secured by the host service provider, thus alleviating any headache for the business. Additionally, the software is automatically updated and password management can be pre-set, eliminating concern over remote workers’ poor choices and their effect on the organization’s ultimate bottom line.


Complicated and costly hardware and software maintenance become a non-issue, with the provider handling all aspects of the back end as part of your subscription fee.

Capacity on Demand

Companies can scale coverage to meet need, even increasing service availability to better support the addition of temporary staff or to address peak seasonal demand.


Users can log into a DaaS from virtually any internet-equipped device, and from virtually any location.

Reduced Overhead & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

DaaS eliminates the need for costly investments in hardware, software, or their maintenance, replacing those expenses with a periodic, all-encompassing subscription cost. Areas, where DaaS can help decrease total cost of ownership, include, to name a few:

  • Helpdesks: Support personnel can resolve issues remotely instead of being tied to the physical device

  • Desktop Maintenance: With the ability to access desktops and applications using BYOD or thin client devices, IT staff saves time and effort maintaining company-purchased devices

General Labor: OS patching, desktop infrastructure maintenance, finance, and application delivery are simplified with Desktop as a Service

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