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Video Surveillance

Secure your business premises with American Business Phones' cutting-edge Video Surveillance solutions. Our state-of-the-art security cameras and monitoring systems provide high-definition video, real-time alerts, and remote access for unparalleled protection. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, our surveillance solutions offer customizable features to suit your specific needs. Experience peace of mind knowing your assets are safeguarded by our reliable, user-friendly video surveillance technology.

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We are proudly NDAA Compliant to better ensure your continued safety.


  • Remotely monitor live and recorded video on your mobile device

  • View up live video streams

  • Take snapshots and record live video directly from your smartphone or tablet

  • Add, delete, or modify connected devices from your mobile device

  • Manage PTZ camera controls using your touchscreen

  • Swipe to pan/tilt and pinch to zoom PTZ cameras

  • Digitally zoom in during live video or remote playback modes

  • Mix and match live views to access multiple recorders and IP cameras

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Live stream viewing performance dependent on phone and network specifications

Security Room


Security Cameras

  • HD Cameras

  • IP Cameras

  • PTZ Cameras

  • Micro Cameras

  • Board Cameras

  • Hidden Cameras

  • 360 Degree Cameras

  • Doorbell Cameras

  • Artificial Intelligence Cameras


Security Montors & Recorders

  • LCD Monitors

  • Portable Monitors

  • Public View Monitors

  • HD Recorders

  • Hybrid Recorders

  • IP Recorders

  • Mobile Recorders


Video Surveillance &  Recording

  • View Live Video Streams

  • Record Streams

  • Video Playback

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